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Mission, TX


Noe Peralez specializes in painting political personalities, and athletes from the sport also known as the "sweet science" (boxing). However, he has also captured the world of wildlife, the quiet serenity of still lifes, and landscapes.Noe's work has began to gain notoriety in recent times. He has created paintings that have graced the covers of both national book and magazine publications. Connecticut book author Felix M. Rodriguez commissioned the artist to create a cover painting for his book "Dad, Me and Muhammad Ali'. (Barnes& Noble ) Prior to this, KO. boxing magazine contacted the artist to paint a cover issue to promote a major world title bout. Noe relates that he admires, and has been influenced by the work of several artists, many of them relatively unknown."Of the better known painters working today, my favorite is Richard Schmid .He has a unique painterly style and a colorful palette that seems his own". Noe was born and grew up in the Rio Grande Valley in deep south Texas. A native of Weslaco, he resides in Mission,Texas with his wife and three children.He extends a heartfelt thank you to all who have taken the time to visit the website to view his work.



texas longhorn by Noe Peralez


Marciano kayos Walcott by Noe Peralez


Young Cassius Clay by Noe Peralez


Ali vs. Frazier 3 by Noe Peralez


Clay vs Liston 1 by Noe Peralez


Reflections of Floyd Mayweather by Noe Peralez


Rocky Marciano by Noe Peralez


inauguration of barack obama by Noe Peralez


President John F. Kennedy by Noe Peralez


The Promise by Noe Peralez


Great White Shark by Noe Peralez


playful humpbacks by Noe Peralez


black marlin by Noe Peralez


Early Harbor Morning by Noe Peralez


old abandoned boat by Noe Peralez


El Santa Gertrudis by Noe Peralez


white bengal tiger by Noe Peralez


the gathering by Noe Peralez


elk in the wilderness by Noe Peralez


Deep in virunga jungle by Noe Peralez


homage to David Leffel by Noe Peralez


oriental vase with flowers by Noe Peralez